Friday, 13 November 2015

20 Seconds
 Hugo Sistha Prabangkara 

A man sits on the chair outside a café with majestic scenery of Eiffel Tower. He, for some times, shakes his feet. He was intimidated by the huge gray formation of clouds.
Judging eyes are flashing through the streets. But he won’t stop staring at something which identified as nothing by the pedestrians and their judging eyes.
Still, in his own gay profusion he is comforting himself with the same old weary confident.
“No, it won’t rain.” He says it with his eyes drawn into the sky.
“Though it’ll rain soon, I know they’ll give me some more time.” He says.
Tons of burdens weighted his shoulder, pierces him, bones by bones. Then he realized what he has to do.
“Yes, I have to do it!” He says with flaming spirits in his eyes, and he stands up and starts to fulfill his mission. However, he sits back and examines his realization.
“What if I ruined this? What if I just humiliated myself?” He says.
 “I know I am nobody! I know I’m just a stupid man who stares at something that I know I shouldn’t stare! This is useless! Just let it rain! You win!” He says madly upon the gray sky and the cynical gray clouds.
Hence, He crawls back in and he continues destroying his plan that he design about an hour ago but again as usual, he gather his faith one more time and says; “Still, it won’t rain! They’ll give me some more time.”
His face utters smile but with weary spirits. A proof that the sky really intimidating him with her grayish clouds.
He stands up again, gathers his will, and says, “It won’t rain!” and he walk, walk and walk. 10 meters walks turns into miles of walk of judging eyes, second thoughts, and dancing hearts.
 He reaches the pavement, and stares at he believe he should have stared years and years ago. With lighting flashes his pride and thunders claps their hands. It rains, finally. With perpetual spirits that he already gathers, he says;
“Excuse me; is it possible a guy like me could have a chat to someone beautiful like you?”
Smile blooms, rain stops, rainbow grins, and sky turns to blue, the one he stares says with a voice to die for, “Why not?”
Then the story begins…


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